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CEO Message

Speclipse has developed a transformative, patented technology for real-time, non-invasive, in-vivo skin cancer diagnosis using laser spectroscopy and deep learning algorithms.

We are continually improving products to make it easier to use, so physicians can focus on their patients and make accurate diagnoses, instead of their devices. We are committed to providing innovative medical technology to assist in challenging diagnosis cases.

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CEO / Speclipse, Inc.


Company History

Speclipse, Inc., a medical device company founded by Stanford University graduates and a dermatologist, offers the world first cancer diagnostic solution based on Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. Its core technology, Spectra-Scope®, embodies a new solution to the diagnosis of skin cancers without compromising efficacy and accuracy, therefore preventing unnecessary biopsy.


Spectra-Scope® Standalone received CE MDD and entered into  ARTG registration, inclusion ID: 333300 in Australia


Spectra-Scope® Add-on received CE MDD and Australia TGA


Selected as among the TOP 10 Dermatology Solution Providers by Medtech Outlook, U.S.

Speclipse, US. Established in Sunnyvale, CA

Speclipse Australia Pty Ltd., Established in Erskineville, NSW

Attracted $2.6 million in venture capitals including support from Softbank Ventures

Spectra-Scope® Add-on was developed, and clinical test started in the U.S. and Australia



Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
Workflow Streamlining
Revenue Enhancement
Cost Reduction

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Advanced Picosecond Laser

300 ps / 2 GW 

High Peak Power
Easy Maintenance
Power Factor Correction 

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