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Detect the Invisible in an Instant


What is Spectra-Scope?

Most skin cancers—especially melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma—present higher risks when left untreated for an extended period. However, skin cancer diagnosis is a time-consuming process that almost always takes over a week to confirm. Thanks to the development of Speclipse Spectra-Scope®, a nearly instantaneous skin cancer diagnosis is now workable for physicians.

Spectra-Scope® is a lightweight, portable device that detects the biochemical information of skin tissue using laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS). It comes with a deep-learning AI-based diagnostic algorithm for fast and accurate oncological diagnosis.


Spectra-Scope® provides additional accuracy, 

efficiency, and verification for better clinical 

decisions prior to any excision.

Physicians can use Spectra-Scope® to quickly scan challenging lesions to have an instantaneous secondary verification to help support clinical decisions.


Increase Early

Diagnosis Accuracy

Lesions that are secondarily verified by Spectra-Scope® have a higher chance of being correctly diagnosed as positive through biopsy.



The detailed visual examination of challenging lesions to determine diagnosis and treatment is time consuming. Spectra-Scope® can scan these lesions and provide verification in a matter of seconds without compromising clinical accuracy.


Reduced the Number

of Unnecessary Biopsy

Challenging lesions can be verified by Spectra-Scope® before being sent for biopsy, avoiding unnecessary biopsies of benign lesions.

Biochemical analysis of a skin lesion in just a few nanoseconds


The Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIPS) of Spectra-Scope® uses a laser irradiation of a few nanoseconds to induce micro plasma on the skin tissue without any tissue damage.

The micro plasma emissions created by the laser instantly reveals the biochemical information of the skin tissue at the molecular and atomic level.

Deep learning-based skin cancer detection algorithm for unrivaled accuracy

Each emission spectrum of skin tissue acquired using LIPS has over 4000 parameters, providing detailed biochemical information of the tissue.


The spectral patterns of the skin tissue’s emission spectra vary under different medical conditions. Spectra-Scope®’s deep learning-based proprietary diagnostic algorithm differentiates the conditions of BCC, SCC and malignant melanoma with high accuracy.

The diagnostic algorithm was constructed by a deep neural network trained with a total 5302 emission spectra.


Quick, Safe and easy procedure

Spectra-Scope® is quick, safe and easy to use. To evaluate the degree of atypia in a lesion, measurements are performed on a reference area close to the lesion, as well as on the lesion itself. The procedure takes only a second, and the LIPS score and the corresponding clinical predictive value of the lesion are displayed within a few seconds.

Unprecedented accuracy in sensitivity (97%) and

specificity (86%) proven in worldwide clinical studies

Spectra-Scope’s® diagnostic accuracy has been proven by worldwide clinical studies

in the United States and Australia.

A series of clinical studies were used to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Spectra-Scope®.
A deep learning-based algorithm was used to create a robust database of information, leading to ground-breaking accuracy in both sensitivity and specificity.

The identification of skin cancers (BCC, SCC and malignant melanoma) vs. benign lesions were accurately diagnosed with 97.6% sensitivity and 86.2% specificity.


Easy to interpret clinical results

The LIPS score reflects the degree of atypia in a lesion and indicates the risk of skin lesion malignancy.

For each diagnostic result (LIPS score) generated, the corresponding Negative Predictive Value (NPV) and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) derived from Speclipse’s clinical study is also presented. These clinically meaningful parameters can help physicians obtain more information about the skin lesion and decide on the best course of the action.


Tracking the clinical history of skin lesions

Tracking the clinical history of a skin lesion is as important as the patient’s medical history in terms of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. Spectra-Scope® provides a platform to record a substantial amount of lesion information, including the location of the lesion, its LIPS score, and the corresponding predictive diagnostic values, as well as patient data. 

The information of the skin lesions previously assessed with Spectra-Scope® is well organized and stored so that physicians can easily understand the clinical history of the lesion.


Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
Workflow Streamlining
Revenue Enhancement
Cost Reduction

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Advanced Picosecond Laser

300 ps / 2 GW 

High Peak Power
Easy Maintenance
Power Factor Correction 

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