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Do you have Time? Here's How Long it Takes to Diagnose Skin Cancer

Do you have time? How many times have you asked anyone if they have time to spare out of their busy lives? There's a good chance that they'll say "yes" if they like you enough. But if you ask a doctor, they'll probably say "no" because of their busy schedules. You'll probably get a "no" too, if you ask someone if they can spare time to get their skin checked.

Humans are complicated beings. Part of this complication stems from fear. We fear what we know, which makes us work extra hard. We also fear what we do not know, because it is unknown. Because of this fear, we tend to be obstinate about many things and visiting a doctor is just one of them.

While it seems like a normal reaction, this irrational fear of knowing more can also make things more complicated than it should be. Consider this: Skin cancer, like melanoma for instance, can turn into something life-threatening if left untreated in six weeks. So if you value life more than the frightful unknown, getting a regular skin check is a must.

Skin cancer diagnosis have since improved from the time it was first discovered. Now, it entails a 10-20 minute standard physical skin exam followed by an excision biopsy—a test which requires scraping some skin and sending it to a lab for a week processing on average. While this process proves to be foolproof, it does take time to draw a definitive diagnosis.

If you are the one getting tested, you're definitely in for a hellish wait if you want to know whether you have a cancerous or non-cancerous skin condition. Or, you can choose to forego the hellish wait and see a clinician who uses the AI-based Spectra-Scope®—a skin cancer diagnostic device that promises painless and conclusive results within a few minutes.

The conclusive and accurate diagnosis promised by Speclipse Spectra-Scope® takes as little as 15 seconds for a lesion. Though you might still be required to go through a confirmatory biopsy, a Spectra-Scope® scan is absolute in its accuracy, so the results can be trusted. Plus, it means treatment can start two weeks sooner, which significantly lowers risks of dying and disfiguration.

If you are that busy doctor who never has time for anything else, then you're in for a treat. Speclipse Spectra-Scope® offers the technology for fast and easy skin cancer screening, much like the German's nationwide SCREEN project which lifted the burden of increasing skin cancer in Germany in 2008. That said, you get to spend less time and do less guesswork, which is perfect in building reputation. The good news is, it also translates to higher revenue since a good and solid credibility never fails to invite more patients, regardless of time or location.




Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
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