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How does Speclipse Spectra-Scope Work?

Spend enough time cooped up at home with nothing much to do, and you’re bound to look at every single mole with worry, and for good reason. After all, every mole differs from each other.

It is not wrong to be concerned, especially if you notice any worrisome change. It is for this very reason that Speclipse, a medical device manufacturer, created the Spectra-Scope to help ease worries about potential skin cancer as fast as humanely possible and without the drawbacks.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry! To help you understand the Spectra-Scope better, here are a few things you can start with.

Speclipse Spectra-Scope

Spectra-Scope is a portable skin cancer diagnostic device that detects biochemical information of the skin using laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS) paired with a deep-learning AI-based diagnostic algorithm. It is used to do fast, accurate, and detailed visual examination of the skin, without having to make painful and scar-inducing incisions.

Quick Scan Mode and easy diagnosis

For the Quick Scan Mode, the handpiece of the Spectra-Scope is used to scan the lesions and surrounding areas, as prompted by the machine. The analysis unit then takes in the information and process it. Prompts, as well as the results of the scan, also show up on the visual display, all within a matter of seconds.

New Patient Mode, Patient Tracking, and Machine learning

There’s also the New Patient Mode built within the Spectra-Scope. This mode allows doctors to enter the patient’s personal and skin information into a database for retrieval later on. This also improves the machine by engaging the deep learning algorithms based on spectral data. That said, as the machine collects more data, the learning classification and analytic capacity go deeper, resulting in detailed and accurate results. The recorded information of the skin lesions assessed using the Spectra-Scope is organized well and stored for physicians' easy understanding of the patients’ clinical history.

An AI-learned Spectra-Scope machine can be really helpful in cancer screening and detection. It is beneficial in terms of aesthetics and also works as a stand-alone device without any complex parts or additional equipment, and an indispensable device in any clinic dealing with skin cancer.




Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
Workflow Streamlining
Revenue Enhancement
Cost Reduction

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Advanced Picosecond Laser

300 ps / 2 GW 

High Peak Power
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