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Quick Scan Mode vs. New Patient Mode

Spectra-scope contains three units - an analysis unit, a display unit, and a handpiece unit - which roughly serve different purposes. The handpiece unit irradiates pulse laser beam onto the skin; the analysis unit uses an AI-based algorithm to generate results, while the display unit shows the result and makes it easy for the users to analyze the malignancy of the skin lesion.

So, watch our demo video.

The Speclipse Spectra-scope unit has two very different modes in it, and one of them is the Quick Scan Mode.

Quick Scan Mode

1. To start using the Spectra-scope, you will need to enter the default password, 0000, on the display unit.

2. You should see the number of remaining scans available in the memory before you get redirected to the beginning of the quick scan option.

3. You should see three buttons labeled, Normal Tissue, Pigmented Lesion, and Suspicious Lesion on the display unit.

4. To start the quick scan, simply tap on the portion that says NORMAL TISSUE.

5. A dialog box will appear on the screen, signaling that you can start scanning the patient's skin.

6. Direct the handpiece to a portion of the skin with no lesions or pigmentation.

7. Once done, the grayed-out button labeled Pigmented Lesion will light up. Tap on it.

8. Direct your handpiece to scan a pigmented portion of the patient's skin.

9. Once the button for Suspicious Lesion lights up, tap on it.

10. Scan the suspicious lesion with your handpiece.

11. A dialog box that reads, lesion scanned would appear while the analysis unit does its work.

12. In a few minutes, you should see the Analysis Result on the display unit. Tap on the blue dot on the lower right side of the display.

13. A detailed result of the scan, which includes the LIPS score and a graph, should appear on the screen.

14. Tap the blue BACK button on the lower left side, and you will be redirected to the Analysis Result Summary.

15. Tap DONE to start a new quick scan.

In addition to the Quick Scan Mode, the Speclipse Spectra-scope standalone also offers the New Patient Mode.

New Patient Mode

1. To use the Spectra-scope in the New Patient Mode, tap on Add New Patient button— the second icon on the left side of the screen.

2. Doing so will direct you to an empty New Patient form.

3. Fill out the essential details of the patient and tap Save.

4. Tap the lesion's general location from the diagram on the left side and add the other specific details.

5. Like in the Quick Scan Mode, you should see three portions for scanning: Normal, Pigmented, and Suspicious.

6. Once the details are filled out, the first (Normal) button at the bottom of the screen should light up. Tap on it and prepare the handpiece.

7. You should see a prompt on the screen of the display unit.

8. Point the handpiece to scan the patient's normal skin.

9. When the normal skin is scanned, the dialog box will disappear, and the second (Pigmented) button will light up.

10. Tap on it and get ready with the handpiece.

11. Scan a portion of the patient's skin with pigmentation.

12. Once done, the prompt will disappear, and you can tap on the third (Suspicious) button.

13. Prepare the handpiece as the prompt to scan appears.

14. Scan the portion of the patient's skin where the suspicious lesion appears.

15. A dialog box will inform you that the lesion has been scanned.

16. The Analysis Result page will appear, but you may tap on the blue button at the screen's bottom right for a detailed report.

17. The Analysis result will show the LIPS score as well as a detailed graph of the analysis result.

18. Tap on the blue (Back) button to revert to the previous page.

19. Tap DONE to start a new scan or once the analysis is complete.

Quick Scan vs. New Patient Mode

Though the two modes of the Spectra-scope standalone are almost similar in that they end up with an analysis result, either way, some significant differences are worth taking note of.

So, depending on your requirements, make sure to select the right mode before you start using the Spectra-scope.




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