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The Fatal Indifference: Why Skin Cancer Kills More Americans than Asians.

Not everyone believes things because they are true. Most of the time, people believe what they want to believe, regardless of the truth. It's a weird notion, but it happens. After all, one's model of reality may sometimes be so wildly different from the reality that deluding themselves seems a lot easier than accepting the painful truth.

If this is only in theory, it's fine, but the fact is, even when it comes to our health, we seem quite able to delude ourselves really well. Let's be clear about this: A new poll conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that around 70% of Americans underestimate the dangers of skin cancer. This is even though their fair skin exposes them to a higher risk of developing one of the deadliest skin cancer—melanoma. It also seems that most people would rather worry about sunburn and wrinkles—an indifference that can be especially fatal for most Americans. After all, "Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer," says dermatologist and pathology professor Dr. Robert Brodell of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Enjoying your life to the fullest is important, we admit, but so is making sure that your health is at its best. In line with this, Dr. Brodell has shared an honest warning: that melanoma, the deadliest cancer, is "projected to be the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer for both men and women" as "nearly 20 Americans dying from melanoma every day."

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clarified this by saying that the indifferent Americans—particularly those people with light skin color, blue or green eyes, blonde or red hair, more than 50 moles, or whose skin burns, freckles, reddens easily under the sun are at higher risk of skin cancer. Not only that, their incidence of skin cancer is about 30 times higher than those of color, either Black, Asian, or Pacific Islander who are of lower risk and most often, suffer from the effect of late diagnosis.

To find out just how much risk you're in, check this article on how To know the risk of skin cancer by self-assessment.

Scared yet? We're pretty sure we aren't convincing you that easily. However, while we aren't interested in tearing apart your feeling of invincibility, we'd like to suggest a way of decreasing that risk. By opting for a regular self-check, you won't have to see a doctor right away.

If that doesn't work, then you can always opt for a professional convincing, that is, by paying those doctors with the non-invasive Speclipse Spectra-Scope®—an advanced AI technology that promises real-time and accurate diagnosis without the need for excision.

The way people’s minds work can sometimes be quite restricting. But, if you know your priorities, then you're bound to change your beliefs about skin cancer and lowered the risk of life-threatening consequences into something that would make it most likely to be true.




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