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To know risk of skin cancer by self-assessment

Knowing the risk of skin cancer earlier, and periodic diagnosis by the healthcare professional is essential in skin cancer prevention and management. Here is a risk assessment containing 10 questionnaires, and you are expected to respond with a YES or a NO to describe your condition.


1. Are you 60 years old or older?

2. Do you have blue or green eyes or blond or red hair?

3. Do you have a naturally light skin color?

4. Do you or your family have a history of skin cancer?

5. Have you had one or more blistering sunburn throughout your childhood or adult?

6. Do you have over 50 moles, moles that change in color, or moles that are generally larger than the others?

7. Have you been diagnosed with AIDS/HIV or undergone an organ transplant?

8. Are you an outdoor worker or someone who regularly exposes himself to strong sunlight and/or radiation between 10 am and 3 pm?

9. Are you working in an industry that exposes you to substances that are harmful or sun-sensitizing?

10. Have you noticed any pre-cancerous lesions or rough or scaly patches on your face, head, or hands?

The more you have “yes”, the higher skin cancer risk you have

A total number of seven or more “yes” tends to have a high risk of skin cancer and it is in your best interest to start a monthly self-check and a further evaluation with a healthcare provider.

While this self-assessment can serve as a guide to assessing your skin cancer risk, this does not, in any way, a diagnosis of skin cancer. For a definitive diagnosis, you will have to consult a doctor. If you are looking for a fast and non-invasive diagnosis, you may find a physician that uses a Spectra-Scope®, a LIPS and AI-based skin cancer diagnostic device that promises accurate and fast skin cancer diagnosis.




Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
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